Helium10 Review: How to Make the Most Out of the #1 Amazon Tool!

It’s time for the next stage in our series of in-depth reviews of tools for Amazon sellers, and this is a big one!

Helium10 is an Amazon seller tool (or more accurately a suite of tools) we have chosen to use for our own internal processes thanks to how impressed we were with it’s overall offering. The package is comprehensive, the data is pretty accurate, and the pricing is very reasonable.

If you’ve seen our Case Studies before, you’ll know we’ve achieved some unbelievable keyword rankings and sales volumes for our clients, and Helium10 has been a huge part of this success.

Today we’re going to go in-depth on how Helium10 works, how we use it, and how it can boost your Amazon business to the next level if used correctly, as well as list any downsides worth being aware of.

helium10 features

Helium10 is an all-in-one package of Amazon seller solutions that aims to do provide everything the busy Amazon seller needs to get ahead of the game.

In that sense, it’s comparable to all-in-one solutions we’ve reviewed before such as Jungle Scout, CashCowPro, Sellics, HelloProfit, Shopkeeper and AMZShark. With that said, Helium10 is even more comprehensive than those competitors, with a whopping 17 fully-featured tools included covering product research, product launches, keyword research, listing optimization and ongoing maintenance.

It offers a range of essential features to help sellers with various aspects of their business, from keyword research to product tracking. 

The keyword research tool allows sellers to uncover relevant keywords with high search volume, giving them a competitive edge in optimizing their product listings. 

The Black Box feature examines competition levels and monthly sales to provide valuable insights into profitable products. 

Helium 10 also offers an inventory protector, which helps sellers safeguard their inventory from fraudulent purchases or hijackers. 

Additionally, the product tracker allows sellers to monitor competitors’ sales history and estimate their monthly sales trends, enabling them to make informed decisions. 

While the monthly subscription cost may be a concern for some sellers, particularly those on a limited budget, Helium 10’s powerful features make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of Amazon selling.

Here is the full list of tools you get access to:

  • Black Box (product research tool to help you find ideas)
  • Xray (product research tool with smart filters to analyse the potential sales volume and competitiveness of your chosen niche)
  • Inventory Levels (stock alerts) 
  • Profitability Calculator (pretty self explanatory – helps with pricing decisions and measuring costs)
  • Magnet (keyword research aggregator)
  • Cerebro (reverse ASIN lookup tool that helps you see competitors keyword strategy)
  • Scribbles (product listing optimization tool)
  • Frankenstein (keyword management tool and list-builder)
  • Keyword Tracker (rank tracker)
  • Profits (customizable sales trend dashboard to keep track of profits at all times)
  • Alerts (protection against fraud and listing hijacks)
  • Refund Genie (keeps track of damaged or lost products and helps you automatically submit them to Amazon for refunds)
  • Follow-Up (automated email and feedback management tool)


That’s a lot!

Is there anything Helium10 can’t do?

Next, let’s look at how good each tool actually is in a complete breakdown of each feature, but first, if you decide to sign up for H10, we have a special deal that can give you 10% off for life, or 50% off for the first month! To take advantage of it, simply click on the image below: 

Helium10 coupon code

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helium10 voucher

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Read on:

Helium10 Features

Black Box is a powerful Amazon product research tool that uses smart advanced filters and strategic data to help you find new product ideas based on your exact needs.

You can quickly analyse the average sales volume, price, weight and competition of any product on Amazon, allowing you to complete hours worth of product research work in seconds.

You can also save and sort your findings into different lists to keep them for the future and make sure you don’t forget anything.

There are plenty of keyword research tools that do what Black Box does, but none of them do it as quickly and simply as Black box, which is why this tool wins a strong recommendation from us.

Helium10 Chrome Extension:

helium10 xray

Although Xray, Profitability Calculator, ASIN Grabber, Review Downloader, and Inventory Levels were listed as separate features above and all work inidivudally enough to be considered separate features, they all take place inside the amazing Helium10 Chrome Extension.

This is a huge benefit to all Helium10 users and lets you get immediate insights on a wide range of data and metrics while browsing the Amazon site itself.

Revenue estimates, prices, sales trends, PPC analytics, and more are all here at a glance.

The Profitability Calculator factors in unit manufacturing costs, dimensions, weight, shipping costs, FBA fees and more to allow you a complete and accurate picture of how much profit you can expect to make on listing this item.

The ASIN grabber allows you to copy and paste ASINs in to quickly create targeted PPC ads or find products with a likely upcoming increase in demand.


helium10 asin grabber

The Review Downloader section of the Helium10 Chrome Extension is a unique feature that lets you sort and export reviews into convenient spreadsheet lists to easily go through them. This is one of the easiest ways to do Amazon review research, period. It allows you to see what thousands of buyers think about your product, a competitors, or one you’re looking into selling in just a few minutes.

We would recommend using it at the end of every month just to get an update on what people are thinking of your product, as well as to flag up any potential issues that need to be addressed.

helium10 review downloader
helium10 inventory levels

The last function of the Chrome Extension is Inventory Levels, which allows you to check the inventory levels of any product listing on Amazon – yours or otherwise.

It’s not only a quick way to check your stock without logging into Seller Central – you can actually use it to find competitors who are low on stock and strategically reload your own to take advantage when they run out – the possibilities are endless.

helium10 trendster

Trendster is like Helium10’s own Amazon-specific version of Google Trends – you can check the seasonality of products or whether they are trending upwards or downwards on a multi-year timeline.

It’s simple to learn and doesn’t do anything particularly fancy, but it’s a useful part of the overall package and we found ourselves referring back to it pretty often, even if just for convenience.

The design is also a joy to use and we personally prefer it over Google Trends, something we’ve never been able to say about a similar tool before.

helium10 magnet

The first of Helium10’s powerful keyword research options, Magnet has the largest database of Amazon keywords available, and it shows.

It’s easy to find high volume keywords that are relevant to your listing, and the recommendations are so vast and broad that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you didn’t think of previously.

Helium 10 Magnet is an essential keyword research tool designed to give Amazon sellers a competitive edge. With the power of Magnet, users can easily generate a list of high-ranking keywords for their products, ensuring optimal visibility and profitability.

Using Helium 10 Magnet is simple. Users start by inputting a seed keyword related to their product. Magnet then refines and expands the search, providing a comprehensive list of quality keywords that have substantial search volume on Amazon.

By using Helium 10 Magnet, sellers can discover the most relevant and popular keywords for their product listings. This ensures that their products are visible to potential customers who are actively searching for them. With the right keywords, users can increase their chances of ranking higher on Amazon’s search results, ultimately leading to more sales and success.

helium10 magnet features

Similarly to Trendster, Magnet does things you can get elsewhere on the internet, but does them with enough finesse to beat out the competition. In fact, we would go as far as to say this is the best keyword research tool available for Amazon sellers. 

The data is more accurate and reliable than you’ll find anywhere else, the searches are instantaneous, and , even better, Magnet allows non-Helium10 users 2 free uses per day, meaning even new Amazon businesses who can’t afford the full package are able to try it out!

This means if you’re unsure about Helium10, you can actually try Magnet and a couple of other tools out right now to see how you get along with it.

We even use Magnet as part of our keyword research process for our clients, and in our keyword research guide – in our experience you’ll struggle to find another keyword research tool that’s as easy to use or as accurate.

helium10 cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro is an essential tool within the Helium 10 suite that provides Amazon sellers with the capability to perform reverse ASIN lookup and analyze the keywords behind ASINs. 

By utilizing Cerebro, users can uncover valuable insights into the most relevant keywords to target for their products.

The functionality of Helium 10 Cerebro is impressive. It allows users to enter an ASIN and instantly access a comprehensive list of keywords associated with that specific product. 

This feature enables sellers to gain a better understanding of the keywords used by their competitors and to identify potential opportunities for their own product listings.

One of the key benefits of using Helium 10 Cerebro is its ability to filter out winners from losers. It provides users with data on search volume, estimated sales, and competition, helping them make informed decisions about the best keywords to target. 

By focusing on the most relevant and profitable keywords, sellers can optimize their product listings and increase their chances of success on Amazon’s highly competitive platform.

Cerebro is the most powerful Amazon keyword research tool on the market and is the one we most commonly use as part of our internal keyword research strategy.

It provides accurate search volume for an exact search query, but also provides broad search volumes for related terms.

Several filters and long-tail search functions make it easy to get the most out of each topic or product type and it even scores products with a Cerebro Product Rank score and Cerebro IQ Score to help you see exactly what it will take to get your product to first place rank.

Cerebro isn’t just a great place to get reliable keyword ideas – you can find out what your competitors are ranking for too or use it to find new product ideas. Simply throw in the competing ASIN and it’ll give you a list of keywords the product is ranking and getting sales from, so you can target them too.

Analyzing a competitor’s ASIN to see every single keyword they’re ranking for, and applying any you hadn’t previously thought of to your own listing feels priceless, every time.

In conclusion, Helium 10 Cerebro is an indispensable tool for Amazon sellers looking to improve their keyword research capabilities. 

Its reverse ASIN lookup feature and ability to analyze keywords provide users with valuable insights for targeting the most relevant keywords. By filtering out winners from losers, sellers can optimize their product listings and increase their chances of attracting more customers on Amazon.

helium 10 cerebro features
helium10 scribbles

Scribbles helps with the listing creation process and to make sure you don’t miss any important features or keywords.

It will ensure that you’ve used the correct number of keywords for your listing and haven’t overstuffed them or used too little.

It also stores drafts of your previous listings to allow you to compare them and easily switch back if necessary.

It will maintain a list of “unused keywords” and tick them off as you type them, ensuring that you don’t miss any that have a high chance of bringing in good traffic volumes.

This is a uniquely beneficial tool that we haven’t seen anywhere else, and it makes optimizing your product listings with the correct keywords and features easier than ever.

We often find ourselves using it in the creation process of client’s product listings, even if we’ve already planned all of the keywords and built out the listing strategy – just to avoid missing anything, no matter how small.

While an experienced listing optimizer may very rarely miss such opportunities, one of the major benefits of using Helium 10 Scribbles is its ease of use. Sellers no longer need to manually keep track of which keywords have already been used, as Scribbles takes care of this automatically.

By utilizing Helium 10 Scribbles, sellers can have peace of mind knowing that their Amazon listings are perfectly optimized. This can lead to increased visibility, higher search rankings, and ultimately, more sales.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, having an optimized listing can be the difference between success and failure. With Helium 10 Scribbles, sellers can focus on other aspects of their business, knowing that their Amazon listings are in top shape.

In conclusion, Helium 10 Scribbles is the go-to solution for any seller looking to optimize their Amazon listings efficiently. With its ability to track keywords and ensure optimal placement, this tool provides sellers with peace of mind and a competitive edge in the ever-growing Amazon marketplace.

helium10 frankenstein

Frankenstein is (just like it’s namesake), about bringing together different useless parts to create a whole with new life.

Ranking more highly in the A9 algorithm is easy with Frankenstein as it allows you to bring together jumbled lists of keywords, and then splits them up for you into separate cohesive lists.

Using advanced de-duplication filters, Helium 10 Frankenstein efficiently removes unwanted characters and words, leaving sellers with a clean and concise list of keywords. By eliminating duplicates and irrelevant terms, sellers can focus on the most relevant and popular keywords that will drive traffic and boost sales.

Frankenstein then sorts these refined keywords by popularity, ensuring that sellers can prioritize the most impactful keywords for their product listings. This allows sellers to optimize their on-page and back-end keywords, maximizing their chances of ranking higher in Amazon search results.

This makes it easy to filter and sort them by different metrics, remove duplicates, and get valuable insights on which keywords are doing much where they are and which aren’t present enough.

You can even sort them by the frequency with which they appear in your listings, to cut down on any repeat offenders or add any that aren’t making enough impact.

The combination of Frankenstein and Scribbles makes it very difficult for anyone to keep up with your listing optimizations, and will get you on the road to first place ranking pretty quickly.

Even more impressive than that though, is how clean and well-designed everything is. Each of these tools is a joy to use and makes taking on the Amazon market feel almost closer to a game than hard work.

helium10 index checker

The Index Checker tool (previously known as the 5K Checker, for you Amazon OGs) actually checks whether a product listing is indexed for a specific keyword in the A9 algorithm.

In other words, you can see:

  • If your products are actually indexing for your most valuable keywords
  • If there are any irrelevant keywords that your product is ranking for that should be included as negative keywords
  • Do the same for competitor’s products to see if they are ranking for any keywords you should steal

Historically, things like this would be done by adding a keyword to the listing then watching how it’s rank changed over time.

While there are many Amazon tools that read from Amazon’s algorithm and provide insights, there aren’t any others that provide this level of insight regarding every keyword a listing is ranking for, and how effectively.

The last thing you want is to think you’ve optimized effectively for a high raffic keyword, then find out later you hadn’t been indexed for it at all – Index Checker makes this impossible and as a result, strengthens your keyword research strategy dramatically.

helium10 keyword tracker

The Keyword Tracker is exactly what it sounds like.

It offers a range of features designed to simplify the keyword tracking process. 

Users can input their target keywords and the tool will automatically track their rankings over time. Sellers can also see historical data and trends, enabling them to identify any fluctuations and understand their performance better. 

Additionally, the tool provides insights into competitors’ keyword rankings, allowing sellers to identify new keyword opportunities.


By using the Helium 10 Keyword Tracker, sellers gain a competitive advantage by optimizing their product listings and increasing their chances of appearing in relevant searches. 

With the ability to track keyword rankings and visualize the impact of keyword changes, sellers can make informed decisions to improve their Amazon SEO strategy and drive more organic traffic to their listings.

You can track the ranks of your product listings and how they change over time in order to learn what works and what doesn’t when optimizing them.

You can also do the same to your competitor’s listings in order to learn from their progress and imitate any strong marketing moves that lead to them increasing in rank.

This is a well made and solid tool, that is a valuable part of the overall package and will help you to make the correct marketing decisions.

helium10 keyword tracker 2

With all of that said, combining Helium10’s Keyword Tracker with Keyword Focused Sales is likely the most effective Amazon marketing strategy currently available to sellers.

By running KWFS campaigns on the right keywords, you can track your increase in rank daily as the campaign runs, and use Helium 10 to find additional keyword targets at the same time – essentially meaning the sky is the limit in terms of how far you can push your product to the masses.

As an Amazon marketing agency working with hundreds of clients, this is a tool we use every single day and that no Amazon seller should go without.

helium10 profits

Profits is where you can go to see live, 24/7 data regarding every aspect of your business:

  • Gross revenue
  • Net profit
  • Sales trends
  • Profit margins
  • Which products are increasing in profits/sales and which are decreasing
  • Promotions
  • ROI
  • Refunds

It’s all there, and it’s all live, giving you a powerful dashboard to sit back, analyse, and see exactly how well your Amazon business is running.

It even tells you when your inventory levels are at their peak and at their lowest, so that you can work out a schedule that’s more efficient in the long-run.

helium10 profit analytics

Analytics can be shown for the past 24 hours, past week, past 30 days, month to date and year to date, giving you full freedom over manipulating the numbers and seeing what you need to see.

This is one of the best Amazon seller account analytics dashboard available, if not THE best, and one we open on a near daily basis, just for pure convenience.

You should take that as a very good sign, considering we have access to the vast majority of them.

helium10 alerts

Now, we come to Helium10’s AMZAlert competitor.

This provides 24/7 protection for your listings in the form of:

  • A dashboard where you can check the status of all of your listings and their Buy Boxes (if applicable) at a glance.
  • Immediate alerts by email or SMS when somebody hijacks your listing
  • Report templates to allow you to immediately report the offending seller to Amazon
  • Captures daily screenshots of your listings and sends them to you so you don’t need to waste time checking manually

All of the above prevents malicious Amazon sellers from devaluing your brand, selling counterfeits of your product, or hijacking your listings.

It isn’t strictly better than AMZAlert or other competitor’s but it just works, and is a pleasure to setup – so as a piece of Helium10’s frankly gigantic offering, this will certainly do the trick, acting as an insurance policy to protect your listings (and profits).

helium10 alerts review

Inventory Protector keeps track of all the units you have in stock, how much they’re worth, and provides running totals for the past 24 hours, 7 day, or any custom time period you care to set up.

The handy widgets allow you to instantly see which products are declining in sales and which are increasing. This allows you to react quickly and accordingly by ordering more stock or finding what is leading to the decreased demand – be it a competitor’s product, pricing change or whatever else.

You can also set a maximum order quantity for certain products in order to protect against people using coupon or discount codes to wipe out your entire inventory.

Similarly to the Alerts tool, in many ways this is just an insurance policy, but it’s one you’ll be glad off when a competitor tries to add large numbers of your product to the basket to check your stock, or somebody attempts to use a discount code to buy it all.

So far, we’ve analysed Helium10 tools for almost every aspect of Amazon selling you could think of, except one.

What about refund management?

Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about that either:

helium10 refund genie

The FBA reimbursement process is a bit of a headache, and we’re sure you’ve been annoyed at how slowly you get your money back on more than one occasion (we sure have!). In fact, many Amazon sellers let such things slip by them, or aren’t even aware that Amazon owes them money. FBA refund tools exist to help turn the tables back in your favour.

The honest fact is, Amazon has made the process as long-winded and confusing as possible in order to hold on to as much of that money as they can.

Refund Genie is a great option for this, and automates the whole thing and allows you to get your money back as quickly as possible with minimal stress or work.

It automatically checks 5 main reasons for refunds and provides pre-written message templates that you can instantly send to Amazon with full breakdowns of how much you’re owed that would take hours to put together manually.

You can also create separate reports for each marketplace you operate in, making this an excellent way to keep on top of your reimbursements and make sure you get what you’re owed as quickly as possible, something that should put Helium10 on the radar of every Amazon seller.

helium10 follow up

Follow-Up is Helium10’s toe-dip into email automation.

As an Amazon seller, you’re far too busy to ever be able to contact all your customers as much as would be ideal.

However, follow-up emails are a crucial part of increasing your customer lifetime value and improving the ratio of positive:negative reviews.

Read our guide on How to Get More Reviews on Amazon if you’re not sure how!

Follow-Up allows you to customize emails that get automatically sent out after certain events, such as an email sent to a customer immediately after an order thanking them and providing extra value such as an eBook.

An email that’s automatically sent when your products are delivered, inviting the customer to contact you if they have any issues and requesting a review if they’re happy, can cut down the amount of negative reviews and improve engagement with your customer service teams.

It’s well-designed, customizable and easy to set up.

It also gives you full control over automation such as how long after events emails are sent. You can also edit and save your own template to come back to in the future.

You can even automate customer service responses to a point, responding with automated explanations of how to use your product or linking to explainer videos.

helium10 misspellinator

Even when you have used all of Helium10’s keyword research tools and your own ideas to come up with a huge list of potential keywords, you aren’t necessarily done with finding traffic sources.

Misspellinator has one last trick up it’s sleeve in that regard.

It provides you with recommendations for common misspellings of keywords that you can add to your listing backend.

It provides full search volume for each misspelling so you can ignore any that aren’t worth it.

You can even import them directly into Frankenstein to get them added to your listings automatically!

This is a potential way to find new sources of traffic that your competitor’s would never dream of unless they had Misspellinator too.

This is just a cherry on the top of Helium10’s huge range of high-quality products, but it’s a pretty helpful cherry to have for sure!

Helium10 Training/Helium10 Tutorial

If you have time, we highly recommend giving this video a watch.

This is the owner of AmazonSEOConsultant, Tom Buckland, discussing Helium10, our favourite tools within it, how we use them, and giving some pointers on how you can get the most out of the overall package.

It was the #1 ranked YouTube video for the search term “Helium10 tutorial” for months and was also updated with new information for 2019, so there is a lot of valuable information to take in there. We will do another update for 2020 when appropriate, but the info here is still accurate as of May 2020.

Helium10 Pricing

Helium10’s pricing is a little more complicated than the other tools we’ve reviewed, but luckily for good reasons.

One major reason is that you can subscribe to many of Helium10’s tools individually, if you are interested in one or two but don’t want to fork out for the whole package.

Even better, many of the tools have a free limited amount of uses so you can try them out without pushing the boat out for the full Helium10 cost.

Here are the individual price breakdowns for each tool next to the complete package options for easy comparison:

helium 10 pricing

For those looking for more extensive features, there is the Starter plan, which provides users with access to additional tools like Blackbox, an intuitive product research tool. With the Starter plan, sellers can uncover profitable products and keywords to help optimize their listings.

Moving up the ladder, the Platinum plan offers even more benefits. In addition to the features provided in the Starter plan, users can take advantage of monthly training and in-person workshops. This is ideal for sellers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in selling on Amazon.


For advanced sellers and those with higher demands, there is the Diamond plan, which offers all the features available in the previous plans, as well as some exclusive benefits. This plan provides even more powerful features and tools to help sellers overcome their biggest challenges and find lucrative product opportunities.

Helium10’s method of letting you try their products for free is interesting – instead of the 7/14/28 day free-trial that most of their competitor’s use, you can use the free package indefinitely (although several of the bigger tools are limited to 30 days anyway).

Instead it has some very strict limits in terms of usage, so that if you enjoy it, you’ll be increasing your subscription pretty quickly. This is perfect for newcomers to Amazon who can’t necessarily afford the full packages, since they are likely to have a small amount of products and therefore get decent use out of the trials.

Either way, Helium10 does things differently in terms of it’s tools, so why not here too?! – it works.

Now let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions we see about Helium10:

Helium10 Discount code


Don’t forget your discount code!

Enter AMZSEOEXPERT20 when signing up for an extra 20% off the prices listed above for 6 months!

What About Customer Service?

We have been using Helium10 for a long time and had no issues here, whatsoever.

Staff are quick to reply and very enthusiastic about their product, as well as referring us to the company’s many educational videos, written resources and blog posts when appropriate.

Are There Contracts?

No – you can cancel at any time.

Which Marketplaces does Helium10 Work With?

The answer, generally, is all of them, however certain tools don’t work in certain marketplaces, so you’d be better off checking the full breakdown in detail here.

What About Security & Privacy? Can I Trust Helium10 With My Data?

As one of the leading Amazon seller tools and a company we have dealt with on numerous occasions, there are very few people we would trust more. 

If you are still uncertain, you can find their privacy policy here.

Final Breakdown

Is Helium 10 Really the Best Amazon Tool?

In a crowded market of Amazon tools, Helium 10 stands out as a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of your Amazon business. With a range of powerful tools, it streamlines your workflow, eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions, and helps you stay ahead of your competitors. One of the standout features is its competitor analysis tools, providing valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies. Additionally, its suite of keyword research tools helps you identify the most relevant keywords for maximum visibility and sales potential. Helium 10 also offers refund management and inventory protection tools, automating and streamlining processes to save you time and money. As a tool that eliminates guesswork and provides data-driven analysis, Helium 10 empowers you to make informed decisions and capitalize on lucrative product opportunities. With its array of features, Helium 10 is indeed a top contender in the Amazon tools space.


  • The most complete and comprehensive range of Amazon tools you’ll find, period.
  • Some of these tools are also the best in their field
  • Incredible value, working out cheaper per tool than any other offering out there
  • Everything is well designed, logical, and easy to use
  • Data analytic functions are powerful
  • Everything is intercomplimentary and designed to work together, which makes moving data between tools or launching a campaign easier than ever


  • It’s one of the most expensive Amazon tools which may put it out of reach of new sellers. However, the ROI you’ll get from using it effectively means the cost shouldn’t be an obstacle to those who can afford it.
  • That’s it, honestly. This is a great option for any Amazon business.


Helium10‘s range of tools is sophisticated, complete and powerful and can stand toe to toe with any of the all-in-one solutions we have reviewed previously.

It’s pricing provides incredible value and almost everything can be tried out for free.

Some tools are beaten elsewhere, but looking purely at the overall value of the suite, Helium10 is one of the best options out there.

Despite that last line, several of the tools are not beaten elsewhere, so if you’re looking for product research, competitor research or listing optimization especially, Helium10 is at the top of the game.

Their excellent customer service, common sense design sensibilities and well-made educational resources also help with the confidence of actually using the tool, as you’ll never be stuck for how things work for long.

The bottom line is, Helium10 is an industry-leading package that gives Amazon sellers a lot of power to take on their competitors and win, and for that it gets a strong recommendation all day, every day.

The AmazonSEOConsultant Verdict: 9/10

Don’t forget your voucher!

Enter AMZSEOEXPERT20 on sign-up for 20% off all Helium10 packages for 6 months!

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