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Our Results

Here are the results our Amazon SEO service achieved for a brand new premium supplements brand, built from zero to $55,000/month in sales within 6 months. We generated an 11X ROI within this time. We offer the only Amazon product ranking service that works every single time.

Screenshot Case Study 2

At Amazon SEO Consultant we use a unique 2 stage process that leverages Amazon’s A9 algorithm to rank products. RANK is the proven process we’ve used to rank over 300 ASIN’s in Amazon in the last 12 months. Below is a selection of our case studies.

It has taken several years for us to refine our processes to the point where we can now 100% guarantee successful rankings using our RANK methodology. Unlike other Amazon SEO agencies, our strategy does not involve massive discounts or thousands of free product giveaways which have been found to only provide short term ranking increases. Our research was recently featured in the Amazon seller summit due to the fact our self-devised strategy works so well, every time.

Instead of those techniques used by other agencies, we use a simple 2 stage data-driven strategy to rank products. This strategy can be seen in detail on the RANK Process page.

We get over 80 leads a month and only work with around 15 exclusive new clients a month, but we respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Get in touch below or at to request a campaign and see how we can boost your Amazon sales and profits into rapid and sustainable growth.

Individual Campaign Results.

Our Case Studies.

Screenshots featured below are from Keyworx, which is a third party organic rank tracker for Amazon.

Case Study 1

100 KWFS Campaign

As you can see, our ranking boosts and Amazon listing optimisation service achieved explosive and fast results for this hair growth supplement product. The screenshot shown displays an increase from zero daily sales to an average of 22 sales per day.

amazon conversion graph
weight loss product stats

Case Study 2

30 KWFS Campaign

This weight loss supplement had its average total order items increased by 340% in just three months thanks to our specialised ranking techniques spread across 3 key SKUs. This is one of our successful Amazon case studies that has continued to generate further rankings & positive ROI for this specific client

Case Study 3 - A Range of Herbal Supplements

Multiple 50 KWFS Campaigns

This client approached us to assist them with their new range of products. As you can see from the Amazon seller central sales report below, in a short space of time we turned somewhat unpredictable and unreliable sales into sustainable and rapid growth, helping to solidify our reputation as the #1 Amazon marketing company.

Case Study 4

Health Niche

Here is another competitive product in the health space that was already doing very good sales volume thanks to ranking 5th for their primary keyword phrase (screenshot right).

Within a 30 day period with a 100 keyword focused sales campaign, this term managed to hit 1st position for the primary term and increase sales by 78% in the process.

Case Study 5

Garden Niche

This case study comes from 2 separate campaigns implemented within 2 months of one another.

The result of these campaigns ranked a garden based product in the top 3 search results for a very competitive industry leading term. This product now generates over 520+ sales a month, up from around 35 per month.

Consequently, this primary keyword can generate anywhere between 15-20 sales per day, around the same amount it was previously achieving every month.

With summer approaching in the northern hemisphere, it is guaranteed to raise to well over 30 sales a day.

Case Study 6

Fashion Niche

Our next case study features a men’s fashion product with a retail price of $50.

This was a tough campaign in a competitive, relatively saturated men’s fashion category but they were desperate for an Amazon SEO expert to help them grow.

Positive results were still generated thanks to our RANK strategy, including a page one ranking and an increase in sales from 3-4 units per day to 18-20 per day.

Enzyme Organic rankings

Case Study 7

Supplement Niche

From rank 60 to top 10 rank in just a few days with a high competition product for a longer tail keyword!

This shows the impact even our smaller campaigns can have on your organic Amazon rankings.

amazon seo case studies 1

Case Study 8

Supplement niche

As you can see by the graph, we took this client from zero to $40k per month in just a few short months, in one of the most competitive niches on Amazon. This client is en route to becoming one of the leading supplement brands on Amazon with our help, and has been able to build a full business model based on our proven ranking methods.

Case Study 9

Health Niche

From completely outside of the first 10 pages of Amazon into 1st position, this product instantly got stuck there for the long term.

Another example of how even our smaller campaigns can still generate extremely good results for low to medium competition keywords.

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