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The Missing Piece To Amazon Rankings

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is a sales-first based search engine. Very different from Google, YouTube or other popular search algorithms. A9 is also a lot less advanced than these, as a result their ranking “metrics” can be simplified down to 2 key components. The first is on-page optimisation, which includes keyword research, copywriting, images, back-end search terms, titles, bullet points, descriptions etc. This encompasses everything that you put into an Amazon listing itself.

The second part of the algorithm focuses on sales velocity. This is why you’ll see poor optimised listings ranking extremely well. Put simply, Amazon rewards products that sell more…

As a result the core methodology to generate higher rankings (after all listing optimisation is complete) is to generate real, full priced, searched sales.

  • Keyword Focused

    The reason why our processes work far better than simply running $1,000's in Ads to generate these sales, is due to the fact the sales come through Amazon's search. Each individual sale comes from Amazon itself not from an external third party advertising platform.

  • Generating Organic Sales

    This Keyword Focused approach is something we've coined Keyword Focused Sales (KWFS). This process accounts for 95% of the actual ranking of your listing. It's the same way we can rank a product with zero reviews above products with 1,000's.

Optimisation of an Amazon listings

The Old Way vs The Real Way

In the olden days of Amazon rankings used to be incredibly easy. You’d simply give away your product, optimise for a few keywords, spend a ton of money on PPC (on a breakeven basis) and then you’d rank. 

In 2023 onwards these strategies are long dead (yet still implemented). These are always counterintuitive to real marketing, as it’s not a strong marketing strategy to value your product at nothing.

Instead, you can generate even better ranking results and keep more units at the same time. This is where keyword focused sales (KWFS) comes in. A concept ASC coined back in 2018, but that has only improved in results since then, due to Amazon’s self explanatory desire to constantly prioritize full price sales.

Generating a large amount of organic sales from the algorithm will result in higher organic rankings for those keywords (which then results in more organic sales) and the cycle continues. This is why it’s so difficult to start, because you have to create your own sales velocity in order to rank effectively. This is where our KWFS processes come in.

Building an Amazon brand from scratch to £40,000/month in 5 months.

The results our Amazon SEO service achieved for a brand new premium supplements brand, built from zero to $55,000/month in sales within 6 months.

Amazon designed their algorithm with the intention of making the highest possible profits for the company – as a result they want to offer buyers the products with the highest chance of a sale, which means offering a product that has converted well for that particular keyword in the past. As a result, no ranking factor will ever outweigh genuine sales from real people.

Our sole goal is to ultimately increase your rankings, increase your net profit and increase the overall value of your Amazon brand. Whether this is to help you sell your business for more, through our multiple broker contacts in the industry or to create a rock solid business that cannot be out-ranked on Amazon.



Keyword focused sales are an organic sale-completion process that involves an individual purchhasing your product through Amazon’s search engine. When this happens multiple times in a short time period, your organic rank for that keyword will increase. This is still the number 1 ranking factor in Amazon in 2023, and since Amazon wants to serve customers the products with the highest chance of selling – it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

We can run through your options once we know your desired ASIN and your current rankings for that product.

This can be a tough element to judge, we recommend looking at the reviews & best seller ranks of the top competitors for a specific keywords, as well as using external sales generation tools such as Helium 10. The lower the best seller rank (higher the estimated sales) the more competitive a keyword is and the more KWFS you will need.

No. There is no need to create any coupons or promotions. These are full priced sales. Discounted sales no longer work comparably to full priced campaigns. 

This depends upon the competition of the keyword you are trying to rank, the number of reviews, quality of reviews, quality of product and a number of other factors. We recommend between 30-50 for medium competition products to generate an ROI, but have completed campaigns up to 600 previously.

We run full brand management campaigns for Amazon businesses. Full details of these can be found on the Amazon brand management page.

This is one of the key reasons KWFS are so effective. If you have a good product, good price point and of course reviews, the product will stick in it’s new rankings. You can see our case studies & results for more instances of this in play. We do recommend “topping up” on KWFS when needed, for example in busy periods to ensure you stay ranked at key seasonal periods.

Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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