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Our sole goal is to provide reliable Amazon SEO services to help clients build organic rankings and generate sales through Amazon’s search engine. We’ve been doing this since 2018 all the way through to 2023 and the results continue to improve as we refine our processes and as Amazon’s algorithm adapts.

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Optimize Your Listings

The listing optimisation services are for sellers looking to either launch a new product or re-optimize an existing ASIN. On-page optimisation of an Amazon listing involves implementing pre-determined keywords throughout your listing in specific locations to allow the A9 algorithm to crawl your product listing effectively.  Starting with keyword research, moving through complex competition analyses to on-page optimisation and benefit driven imagery. For more information on our listing optimisation services click the button below.

Amazon RANK Methodology

The 95% Of Amazon Consulting.

Our leading service to help new and existing products rank on Amazon is coined the “Amazon RANK methodology”. Utilising a process called Keyword Focsed Sales to improve rankings for both new and existing products on Amazon. A process that we coined and created in 2018 after running 600 parallel back-tests to determine what really actually works to rank on Amazon. It’s not reviews, it’s not external traffic, it’s not discounting products or even on-page to a large degree. You can find out exactly how this works by clicking the link below.

Amazon brand management

We run the day-to-day so you don't have to.

Our Amazon brand management services are for sellers who want to remove themselves from the day to day operations of their businesses, without hiring expensive ecommerce management teams, multiple Amazon consultants or overpriced inventory management softwares. These brand management campaigns involve weekly P/L reporting of your Amazon brand, inventory tracking, shipment creations and re-ordering alerts in a clean and easy way. For more information on our Amazon brand management processes click below.

Amazon fba consulting

The Full Process To Results.


We research the most profitable keywords your product should rank for, including long-tail keywords that your competition hasn’t found. We even built our own piece of software to perfect this process and help reverse engineer what you should rank for before you launch.

2) On Page Optimisation & Imagery Improvements

Optimising your product listing for these keywords and integrating effective imagery to help you sell your product once you are ranked. This includes optimisation of the page for both Amazon & Google's algorithms, meaning you will rank higher in both search engines.

3) Amazon Rankings Using the KWFS Process

Once fully optimised and launched on Amazon you'll make zero sales... How do you start to build a brand and bring in reliable real sales on a daily basis through Amazon's algorithm. You have to rank. This is where the Amazon ranking process utilising the KWFS process comes in. Stage 3 helps fast track brands rankings within days not years.

4) Launches & Consulting

Putting everything together in a highly effective, repeatable way. Launching multiple products can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but having launched close to 500 products on Amazon over the past decade, we have a lot of experience in the launch process itself and have streamlined this to a checklist process that's highly effective and repeatable.

5) Brand Management

Removing yourself from the day to day of the business. Our brand management services help to remove the founder from the day to day operations of the Amazon brand. Through daily monitoring of sales, rankings, inventory and creation of alerting for re-orders, shipment creation and back-and-fourth with Amazon directly so you don't have to.

6) Exiting The Business

The final step for a lot of our clients is the exiting or selling of their Amazon brands. With our multiple industry contacts we've helped sellers exit their business, as well as helping buyers run in-depth due diligence for any Amazon business they are looking to purchase. Ensuring they are not over-paying or missing value on a potential deal.


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Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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