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Our Amazon brand management services are designed to enable Amazon sellers to receive weekly or monthly in-depth reports about the condition of their Amazon business without having to login. Monitoring both inventory, profitability and rankings of specific products in a total hands off approach. This service is perfect for sellers looking to free up time without hiring an ecommerce manager or for a seller who doesn’t want to deal with Amazon directly for inventory shipments, re-stock alerts etc. Freeing up your time to focus on product development, external marketing and high level business decisions.

At ASC we’ve completed SEO campaigns (search engine optimization) for close to 2,000 individual listings over the past 5 years, evolving the process itself in this time. Starting from a very rudimentary approach evolving into what is now a hyper specific and detailed process that helps products (both brand new and existing) generate more sales.

The full details of our Amazon account management services are explained below. The core of it, we manage your Amazon account so you can focus on expanding and growing your business.

Amazon Account management

Weekly reports at every step of the process

Each week you will receive a report from us in the form of a Google sheets update which gives you an overview of your Amazon account and the Amazon marketplace without having to login. Providing very actionable and specific sales data on a per product/SKU basis.

This includes:

  • Revenue broken down per ASIN.
  • Gross profit per ASIN (after we receive COGS).
  • Inventory levels
  • Inventory stock-out levels based on that week’s sales.
  • PPC spend per product (if set-up internally).
  • Re-order dates.

The majority of our clients find these reports incredibly specific and effective without over-complicating data for the sake of it. We can always add key information such as conversion rates or search terms if required. This information can also be highly customisable if you require any additional info (tax/VAT exposure etc). Below is a video based on a personal Amazon brand we own and how we build these weekly reports.

Above is a video based on a personal Amazon brand we own and how we build these weekly reports.

Shipments, Inventory Recommendations & Ordering

Based on the above reporting we will recommend when each product listing should be re-ordered. We can even arrange the inventory shipment creation process. Enabling the client to simply forward this information onto the supplier for a fully hands off Amazon account. This adds to our Amazon supply chain management service and allows business owners to spend less time on inventory management and more time on building new products.

Each product is evaluated weekly by specific criteria, which leads to knowing your exact net profit per product per week. Within this weekly report we can then calculate inventory remaining, days remaining in-stock and hence (with turn around time of product delivery information) exact reorder points. Which if you are concerned with going out of stock we can obviously put higher than the actual TAT of specific product delivery.

Review tracking, Average review rating & Other Amazon Account Management Services

Some clients also like to track their volume of reviews and AVG review ratings per ASIN. This is a process we can integrate if necessary. Along with Amazon PPC management, business goals integration, reputation management, reporting unauthorized sellers and other services that may be needed on a custom management basis. Currently we are not offering a customer service or any solutions towards answering customer inquiries although this may be added in the future.


Keyword tracking

Organic rank tracking of major keywords

Organic rankings through Amazon’s A9 Search engine are one of the major KPIs sellers do not track closely enough. Using multiple software we can track and analyse major keyword changes that happen and notify you before you notice a decrease in sales. Many clients during their brand management campaigns run our specific Amazon ranking campaigns if these keywords slip, resulting in a net positive ROI despite an initial drop in rankings.

Keyword tracking

Exit planning for your brand

With our contacts in the M&A industry, as well as our experience in valuations of FBA businesses, we can help paid in prepping businesses for sale during the months before exiting, offering full-service solutions for Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors looking to exit. Post exit, if the buyer also wants to continue the our Amazon account management services this would continue as normal in a seamless way.


Amazon account management services start at $300/monthly and work up granularly based on the condition of your seller central / Amazon account, volume of ASIN’s present and number of seller locations.

*All product sales data is confidential and will never be shared with any third parties.

**All management services are monthly contracts and can be cancelled at any time.

***Micro-Level Amazon Seller Central Management fees may be lower.

Custom advice & solutions

Within these reports, if we notice anything wrong or potentially going to be wrong in the future for your Amazon account we’ll contact you directly offering some free advice or just notifying you so you don’t have to be constantly logged into your account. In the past this has included poor performing products, mis-pricings of listing, competitor entries into markets. Although this isn’t specific to the brand management campaigns, it does add peace of mind to a lot of sellers who either aren’t savvy with the Amazon seller central workings or simply don’t want to invest the time to review the business on a weekly basis.

Amazon Seller Account Management Services

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Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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