Listing Eagle Review: The Best Amazon Hijacked Listing Solution?

Listing Eagle is one of those Amazon listing protection tools that knows exactly what it wants to do and throws all of its energy into being the best at it.

A comprehensive solution to everything an Amazon seller needs, this is not.

But sometimes, specialising in one area is a good thing – after all, some of the best Amazon tools only do one thing. So does Listing Eagle earn the same pedigree, or is it just another wannabe?

Join us as we break down its features in depth to find out!

What is Listing Eagle and What Can it Do For You?

listing eagle features

Listing Eagle is a solution for Amazon listing hijack notifications and the main function of the software is to provide immediate alerts and information when this happens, allowing you to respond quickly to protect your business.

The tool provides real-time alerts via email or text when one of your listings gets suppressed, hijacked, or a hijack is attempted.

The SMS alert is a nice addition that many competitor solutions don’t have, and could make all the difference if something that requires your attention occurs when you’re away from your PC.

best listing hijack alert tool

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact Listing Eagle includes several auto-generated cease and desist letters, letting you customise them and blast off a message almost immediately on receiving an alert.

How Much Does Listing Eagle Cost?

listing eagle pricing

Similarly to many other Amazon seller solutions, Listing Eagle provides several different pricing packages dependant on how many ASINs you need to protect.

While the site only lists the 3 packages shown above, you can cover more than 50 ASINs simply by contacting [email protected] for a direct quote.

We found the displayed limit of 50 rather strange as it’s pretty common for plenty of successful Amazon sellers to have more items than that, but the prices are pretty difficult to disagree with and the value for new Amazon sellers is pretty high.

Interestingly, Listing Eagle doesn’t provide any free trial whatsoever, and if you want to sign up, you’ll need to pay today. This is unique among Amazon seller tools and a bit disappointing as free trials are a great way to play around with a tool and see how it works for you personally.

This set off alarm bells when we first tried Listing Eagle, as not letting people try your product is often a sign of lack of confidence in your product, but on actually using Listing Eagle for some time, we found it a really high quality, useful tool, and as a result we have absolutely no idea why a trial isn’t on offer.

Then again, the $9.97 package for 1 ASIN is by far cheap enough to be used as a trial of sorts, if you want to go about it that way.

So, how is it to actually use Listing Eagle?

How well do the individual features work?

Let’s take a look:

Listing Eagle Features

At first glance, Listing Eagle appears pretty barebones, and of course, it is when compared to comprehensive solutions like Hello Profit, AMZShark or even Shopkeeper.

However, it’s deeper than it first appears and while the features are all focused around one specific function (preventing listing hijacks), you can do pretty much everything you could dream of around that function.

Instant Text Alerts Anywhere

hijacked listing text alerts

This is the foundation of Listing Eagle and the feature that allows you to react quickly to any issues that may arise.

Firstly, many hijack alert tools only send out notifications twice per day, meaning you might receive your alert hours after the hijack actually happens. Listing Eagle’s notifications are live and instant, meaning there is no obstacle preventing you from responding immediately.

Whereas there are plenty of listing hijack notification tools out there, a large amount of them send email alerts only or if they do offer SMS alerts, they are somewhat limited or even chargeable.

Listing Eagle includes unlimited international SMS alerts, which means you can keep an eye on your listings and respond to hijackings even in your downtime.

This is valuable.

Prewritten Communications and Response Letters

perfect hijacked listing email

Listing Eagle includes a selection of well-written, effective email templates that allow you to fire off a cease & desist warning immediately on receiving an alert that one of your listings has been hijacked.

Even better, you can customise each of the templates and save your own versions for easy access when you need them.

It’s hard to overstate how much time this saves, because, otherwise, you’d have to spend time writing your own response letter from scratch, and then when a listing gets hijacked your letter might not even be relevant to the exact situation, meaning you have to go back to the drawing board and spend the time to rewrite it before being able to respond.

It can also be difficult to know what to say immediately, for example, if your listing has been hijacked in an unexpected manner or you are stressed out about the fact you’re losing sales.

When you use Listing Eagle, other sellers who have the audacity to hijack your listings will receive a rapid, relevant and well-written response, which is almost always enough to have them think twice immediately rather than wait to see if you will report them to Amazon.

This is a really nice touch that is well-designed, quick and easy to use, and drastically increases the value of Listing Eagle.

Suppression Notifications Are Included Too!

amazon suppression notification

Beyond getting your listings hijacked, you are also at risk of having your listings suppressed by Amazon themselves.

This is what it’s called when Amazon prevents your listings from being found via Amazon’s search results, most commonly due to incorrect or incomplete product information but potentially also caused by breaking Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Amazon maintains a complete list of what can cause suppressed listings here so be sure to learn it in detail and check back for updated information every now and then.

While you might think it’s easily avoided just by accurately, completely and correctly filling in all of the product information for your listings, some of the rules on which products need to have what information are quite obscure and random so this isn’t actually the case.

Regardless, Listing Eagle’s notifications for listing suppression work very similarly to their hijacked listing notifications, including the ability to respond immediately.

This is worth its weight in gold because Amazon won’t necessarily notify you if they suppress your listing, and it’s entirely possible you wouldn’t notice until you saw a huge drop in sales over the past week or month.

Listing suppression notifications prevent this and allow you to respond immediately to suppressions, therefore minimising their impact.

Ability to Bulk Upload Your ASINs

bulk upload asins

This is one of the aspects of Listing Eagle that surprised us most – we started it up for the first time expecting to need to upload each ASIN manually which would be time-consuming. Luckily, the entire process only takes a few minutes, which is a huge boon to those of you with large numbers of ASINs that need protecting.

Are there contracts?

Nope – there are no set up fees or contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Can my team/employees use Listing Eagle?

Yes – up to 3 different people can use your account.

Does it matter if I’m on vacation abroad?

Not at all – SMS alerts can be picked up by any phone capable of receiving text messages, in any country.

Which marketplaces are supported?

As of the time of writing, only the US, UK and Canada.

What about privacy? Is Listing Eagle secure?

Listing Eagle doesn’t provide any data to third parties and uses Amazon Web Services to access data from Amazon, so as much as you can ask for – yes.

Final Breakdown


  • Immediate alerts no matter where you are or what you’re doing
  • Excellent pre-written response letters to facilitate even quicker action
  • Great value for the price
  • Bulk ASIN upload


  • You’ll likely still need other tools, forgoing the convenience of all-in-one solutions


Proving again that standalone tools allow developers to refine their offerings more than is possible with more comprehensive packages, Listing Eagle is at the top of the game when it comes to preventing your listings from being hijacked.

It’s singular focus and functional design allows it to do everything it needs to perfectly, even if that something isn’t overly complex.

The only downside we could think of is that you’ll still need to purchase other tools for things like rank tracking if you want help handling every aspect of selling on Amazon, but then again this is the case for all similarly specialised, self-contained, best-in-field tools like KeyworX.

Beyond this one point, it’s all positives here, and the monthly price for Listing Eagle is low enough to be pretty much irrelevant when factoring in that your listings are protected from hijacks, suppression, and the substantial decreases in profit that can result.

The bottom line is, Listing Eagle is a great tool for what it does, most functions and features can be performed in a click or two, the letter templates are awesome, and everything just works how it should.

Highly recommended!

The AmazonSEOConsultant Verdict: 9/10

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