Asteroid Aim Review: Professional Amazon Optimization

As we’re sure you’re aware, product photography, product research and listing optimization are some of the most crucial aspects of selling on Amazon.

Failing to complete these tasks as effectively as you should will result in:

  • Products with low demand or high competition
  • Listings that don’t convert
  • Photographs that don’t attract buyers

If you suffer from all of the above, your business will be dead in the water before it will ever get the chance to get off the ground, even if you’re doing everything else right.

Asteroid Aim is an Amazon seller tool that aims to help sellers who struggle with this aspect of running an Amazon business by offering:

If you are looking to launch a new product on Amazon but aren’t sure if you have the time or knowledge to do all of this yourself, they may be a good option to help you launch into the market with the best position possible.

But how does their work compare to other similar services?

You’re about to find out in our full review of Asteroid Aim‘s services.

Let’s start at the beginning:

Asteroid Aim Review: What Can It Do For You?

asteroid aim Amazon reviews

Very different to most of the seller tools we’ve reviewed previously, the majority of Asteroid Aim’s offerings are manual services undertaken by their staff – although they do offer some small software tools for PPC management and product research too.

Let’s break down the individual features and see how they shape up!

Asteroid Aim Amazon Copywriting

asteroid aim amazon copywriting

Asteroid Aim’s product listing writing services are reliably high quality. The free unlimited revisions certainly help with confidence when it comes to deciding whether or not to work with them. This is especially the case as there are other services out there that will happily charge for a rewrite even if the original issue is their fault or a result of miscommunication.

We would recommend doing your own research before hiring them, as you may well be able to do a great job yourself simply taking in resources like our own ranking process or our guide to listing optimization.

However, even if you regularly launch products and handle all of your copywriting yourself/in-house, sometimes you need a certain product launch to be taken off your hands while still being assured that it will be done right.

Asteroid Aim charges $500 per ASIN for this service (although at time of writing, it’s currently on sale for $299) – not a bad price at all for an effectively written product listing with unlimited revisions.

If you’re a fairly established Amazon business with a large range of products, you probably wouldn’t want to pay this for every single product launch, but then again businesses on that sort of scale probably already have either their own in-house listing optimization processes or are clients or partners for an Amazon management service such as well…us.

But smaller Amazon businesses and sellers often lack both the funds for constant support from a digital marketing agency, and the experience and knowledge to handle it themselves, and Asteroid Aim’s service is an excellent option for those people.

Launching a product into the market in the best possible situation, with copy and descriptions written by people who really know what they are doing, is a benefit that really can’t be overstated.

Of course, there’s another crucial part of ensuring your Amazon listing’s convert properly – product photography.

Asteroid Aim have a solution for you there, too:

Asteroid Aim Product Photography Services

asteroid aim product photography

The great thing about Asteroid Aim’s photography services is that they aren’t just professional photographers that dabble in Amazon too, they are 100% focused on Amazon.

This means they are fully aware and experienced when it comes to things like:

  • Showing off the benefits of your products, and the benefits of those benefits
  • Conversion rates and what convinces Amazon users to buy
  • Real-life use case scenarios to get across as much information as possible in each image
  • Varied images showing different angles and features of your product

All of this is crucial and neglecting any of the Amazon photography best practices will translate directly into lost sales, so it’s great to have a service provider on hand that’s able to take care of all of it.

Obviously, all images are 100% Amazon compliant too and won’t cause you any problems down the line, which is an important point for obvious reasons.

One batch of photos that will cover a single ASIN launch costs $1,500, but is currently on sale for $899 at the time of writing.

Asteroid Aim Amazon Course

asteroid aim amazon course

Asteroid Aim also offers a full training course that will teach you how to effectively optimize product listings using the same process they use to serve clients.

This is an excellent solution for those who have maybe had a few successful product launches via Asteroid Aim’s other solutions, and is looking to learn how to save money by managing future product launches in-house.

If you want to create your own listings that convert but have no idea how to do it, it’s a pretty decent place to start, especially since it’s currently on sale for $79, down from $300 (This may not be the case if you’re reading this post long after publication!).

Topics covered are:

  • Keywords
  • Persuasion
  • Listing Text (copywriting)
  • Search Terms
  • PPC Keywords

….so it’s a fairly comprehensive Asteroid Aim course that may be unnecessary for those who have been following our posts for some time but that could be extremely valuable for those with limited knowledge on these subjects.

Asteroid Aim Product Research

asteroid index product research

What products are good to sell? Asteroid Aim reviews Amazon sales data and tries to answer this with it’s product research feature.

This is actually different from the other offerings in that it’s a software solution by the name of Asteroid Index as opposed to being a service carried out by actual people.

The tool is available for a biweekly payment of $9.99, making it one of the cheapest product research tools on the market.

Unfortunately, it’s functions and accuracy do match this price and there are much better options around if you’re willing to pay a little more.

They also offer a “Free Product Ideas” feature that claims to be able to automatically generate recommendations for high demand, low competition products to sell, but we weren’t too impressed by this and even got a recommendation for “video game downloadable content” which is probably one of the hardest, most saturated markets for an Amazon seller to try to get into, and borderline impossible without publisher support

We like that Asteroid Aim are branching out into software, and with further development this may become a real powerful set of tools that can compete with the likes of TeikaMetrics, but in all honesty, right now, we can only truly recommend their manual services.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because the manual services they do offer are top notch and available at an excellent price, meaning every Amazon seller that hasn’t already mastered this stuff for themselves will want to be aware of them.

Asteroid Aim Review: Amazon PPC Software

asteroid aim review amazon

The team have also built a PPC management tool called Asteroid X.

This aims to do what any PPC management tool should do, allowing you to analyse your campaigns and optimize bid prices, removing what is costing you money and doubling down on what’s bringing in profits – making your Sponsored Products campaign more efficient and effective.

asteroid aim amazon ppc

This is a lot more effective than the product research tool and a lot more worthy of your time, although prices are quoted based on the size of your PPC campaign and number of ads – so whether or not other tools will be better valued is hard to answer without knowing your specific setup.

Users of Asteroid X will get the following:

  • A customised PPC strategy based on your own goals
  • New keyword research and resulting ads that bring in profits
  • Automated campaign monitoring to keep things in check
  • Alerts for ads that are costing too much to be worthwhile

How long does it take?

Product listings and copywriting tasks are delivered within 7 days.

Product photos are delivered within 16 days.

Final Breakdown


  • Low cost, quick and reliable product listings and photos
  • High-quality work from people experienced in working with Amazon
  • The perfect option for those without the resources to do this well in-house
  • Simple and immediate to sort up an order


  • The software tools don’t really compare to their manual services, and are easily beaten out by competitors


Despite our hesitation about Asteroid Aim’s software tools, these are relatively new solutions and have a lot of time ahead of them to develop.

While our recommendation on those is to hold out or find something better, you will struggle to find manually carried out product photography services or listing writing services that are better, quicker or cheaper than Asteroid Aim.

They earn a really strong recommendation for this, and for the product photos especially.

If you work with them to get photographs of your products taken, you can expect high-quality results that take Amazon selling best practices into account and show off the benefits and features of your product from numerous angles, and that will genuinely help you to gain more sales and profits.

If we were a newcomer to selling on Amazon and launching a product, we would much prefer to invest in going this route than to attempt to save money by doing it ourselves and potentially end up with a listing that fails to convert, and therefore rank.

Even if you’ve already launched products with decent photographs but aren’t sure how to improve your conversions, working with Asteroid Aim could be an excellent way to do it and boost your sales volume to the next level.

We end this review with a hearty and enthusiastic recommendation for all of Asteroid Aim‘s product photo and listing optimization services then, but a more cautious one for their product research and PPC tools.

The AmazonSEOConsultant Verdict: 9/10

Is it difficult for you to find the resources or time to manage your Amazon business and scale it the way you’d like?

Are services like Asteroid Aim too amateur and piecemeal for your requirements?

Would you rather have the #1 Amazon marketing agency handle your listing optimizations, product rankings, pricing, feedback management strategy. or even all aspects of your Amazon business?

We provide services ranging from full partnerships and Amazon seller account management to one-off product rankings with a level of results and ROI you won’t find anywhere else.

To learn more about how we can offer results and rank positions that nobody else has been able to achieve, take a look at our case studies to see the unbelievable increases in rank, sales and profits that we’ve already achieved for 100s of clients thanks to our unique, self-developed Amazon ranking process.

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