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Amazon PPC Training Course

Since starting Amazon SEO Consultant, we have worked with over 100 Amazon sellers. Through building relationships with these clients, we have learnt a lot by ranking their products and establishing incredibly profitable Amazon businesses.

As a result of our highly effective Amazon ranking services, our client capacity and waiting list were filled quicker and quicker each month. Consequently, we decided to help these business owners by creating our own unique Amazon PPC training courses. This started with our epic how to start an Amazon business guide and our Amazon PPC guide, both containing over 3,000 words of helpful content. Our courses offer valuable industry standard advice which boosts conversions and increases profits.

What we started to notice though was that people needed more.

Instead of just a guide, plenty of you contacted us to say you needed the exact method to follow step by step.

PPC For Amazon Sellers

In our comprehensive Amazon pay per click online course, you will receive an industry-leading step by step video guide. Included in our training is an in-depth understanding of PPC basics, as well as exclusive insider knowledge. From keyword research to conversion rate optimisation, our course will provide you with the skills needed to scale your Amazon business.

Ensure your business continues to grow through effective PPC for Amazon sellers. With years of experience, we discovered there is a lot of misinformation about pay per click advertising on Amazon. By following our full video Amazon PPC course, we will escort you through the common myths and misconceptions.

Avoid further traps and misinformation today by enrolling on our fail-proof course for just $37!

Remember Amazon PPC is not everything though, management and actual proactive marketing outside of the Amazon platform is what drives long term brand profitability further and faster than ACOS improvements. If you have any questions on these elements feel free to get in touch or view our case studies to see what we are able to achieve for our clients.

Valuable Industry Standard Advice

We found that our exclusive manner of working meant that some of our follower’s options were pretty limited. If possible, they would hire us on either a consulting or product rankings basis. However, if we were at capacity, then they would usually end up going to a non-specialised Amazon marketing company. This would eventually lead to terrible results. This was a pretty common situation, but as I mentioned above, we hit client capacity pretty quickly at the start of each month. As a result, we literally could not take on any more clients even though we wanted to help more people.

This led to the idea of expanding our Amazon training courses and guides into full video courses. These are the exact same strategies and techniques we use for clients paying over $5,000. As we do not need to provide the service ourselves, we can offer these courses for a fraction of the price, with savings of up to 90% in some cases! Whether you are starting from $100/month, or $10M/month, these Amazon seller training courses can help you become an insanely profitable Amazon business owner in a very short period of time.

This is a full journey from Amazon PPC for dummies to advanced Amazon PPC training, providing everything we do to rocket our client’s sales.

Click the link below for the training you need and let’s get started!:

Amazon Sponsored Products Course:

Build campaigns that convert at 6% ACOS and explode sales through smart keyword research & profit PPC Campaigns, click the image below to visit to enrol:

Amazon PPC Training Course


Advanced Amazon Marketing Strategies Ebook

Trust leveraging Introduction 101 – Creating profitable sales systems.


New course just released; Sign up through teachable

The flagship strategies we use to build repeatable, scalable ecommerce marketing systems that have worked to grow business from zero to 100+ sales a day, increase Amazon businesses from $15,000/month to $45,000/month in 6 months with less than $5,000 investment and other success stories.

This is an advanced marketing Ebook only designed for individuals with Amazon businesses already, this is not a beginner friendly guide. Leveraging consumer touch points, concepts around consumer psychology and how to systematically build a customer journey that your individual customer doesn’t even know they are going through. Increasing trust and hence desire to purchase in the process.

To purchase the course visit:

Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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Amazon SEO Consultant is the division of HQ SEO LTD – specializing in organic rankings and advanced Amazon SEO services and marketing research.

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