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How It Works

We use the number #1 ranking factor of keyword focused sales to generate organic rankings for our customers. Watch the explainer video to the right to learn how we can increase your Amazon sales rank!

why some amazon sellers rank and others don't

The Missing Piece To Amazon Rankings

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is a very powerful search engine that focuses on 2 key areas. The first is on-page optimisation, which includes keyword research, copywriting, images, back-end search terms, titles, bullet points, descriptions etc. The second part of the algorithm focuses on sales velocity.

This second part of the algorithm accounts for 95% of the actual ranking equation. This is the reason you might have a great product, good on-page optimisation and even might be running Amazon PPC or driving external traffic but can’t seem to rank. The missing piece is generating organic sales that act as proof to Amazon that your product is related to that specific keyword or search query

Previously you used to be able to use discounted product giveaways to achieve this proof that Amazon was looking for. In 2020 and onwards these aren’t working anymore it’s also not a strong marketing strategy to value your product at nothing.

Instead, you can generate even better ranking results and keep more units at the same time. This is where keyword focused sales (KWFS) comes in. Generating a large amount of organic sales results in organic rankings for those keywords (which then results in more organic sales) and the trend continues. This is why it’s so difficult to start, because you have to create your own sales velocity in order to rank effectively. This is where our KWFS comes in. We create a meticulously timed batch of genuine organic sales, purchased by real people under a specific keyword. This dramatically increases your rank for that keyword, and if your product is high quality and attractively priced – you’ll stay there.

Check out the results below for more proof.

This really is the Amazon SEO you’ve been looking for, and keyword focused sales are as reliable in Amazon as backlinks are in Google.

Amazon designed their algorithm with the intention of making the highest possible profits for themselves – as a result they want to offer buyers the products with the highest chance of a sale, which means no ranking factor will ever outweigh genuine sales from real people.

The results are undeniable. 

We achieved explosive results for this hair growth supplement product, increasing sessions by 4880% and total order items by 2440% in just a few short months.
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This weight loss supplement had its average total order items increase by 640% in just three months thanks to our specialised ranking techniques and on-page optimisation.
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We ranked page one for an extremely competitive keyword, that now generates an additional 12-15 sales a day for a higher priced product.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Keyword-Focused Sales (KWFS)?

Keyword focused sales are an organic sale-completion process that involves an individual searching a specific term (keyword), finding your product, and checking out like normal until completion. When this happens multiple times in a short time period, your organic rank for that keyword will increase. This is still the number 1 ranking factor in Amazon in 2020, and since Amazon wants to serve customers the products with the highest chance of selling – it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

How many do I need to rank?

This depends upon the competition of the keyword you are trying to rank, the number of reviews, quality of reviews, quality of product and a number of other factors. We recommend between 30-50 for medium competition products to generate an ROI, but have completed campaigns up to 600 previously.

How does it work after I purchase?

The order will come through to our internal team. From here you’ll receive a welcome email with some information and advice based on your listing. Assuming your keyword selection & product price is correct, you should receive your first sales within 48 hours.

Can you manage our entire brand?

We do work with a select number of brands on a full monthly retainer or equity basis. This involves completing all marketing & management on Amazon. These brand marketing campaigns do have specific information which is needed, more info on this can be found at;

Can I order more than once?

Yes, order as many times as needed. The majority of customers purchase multiple times for single products (When very competitive) as well as multiple times for new SKU’s, products or just to improve rankings for specifically profitable terms.

Can I select different keywords?

Yes, you can select multiple keywords on the order form, but generally we recommend focusing on 1 or 2 to see the greatest results. If you distribute the sales through multiple keywords, the ranking power is diluted.

Will 20/50/100 KWFS do enough for me?

This is a question we get alot from larger sellers already doing high volumes. In short, it depends on the product’s competition, but we’ve seen massive movement from 50 KWFS campaigns when the specific customer was already generating 70+ sales/day. It’s how the sales are generated that’s the key factor, but of course higher volume would lead to better results.

Will rankings stick?

This is one of the key reasons KWFS are so effective. If you have a good product, good price point and of course reviews, the product will stick in it’s new rankings. You can see our case studies & results for more instances of this in play. We do recommend “topping up” on KWFS when needed, for example in busy periods to ensure you stay ranked at key seasonal periods.

How Can I judge What Competition My Keyword Is or how many KWFS to order?

This can be a tough element to judge, we recommend looking at the reviews & best seller ranks of the top competitors for a specific keywords, as well as using external sales generation tools such as Helium 10. The lower the best seller rank (higher the estimated sales) the more competitive a keyword is and the more KWFS you will need.

Are the KWFS volume total or per day/week/month?

The KWFS figures featured per campaign are total volume. These will be spread over a minimum of 8 days

Do I need to create coupons?

No. There is no need to create any coupons or promotions. These are full priced sales.

Is any On-page optimization or copywriting included?

Not when you simply purchase keyword-focused sales, but we do offer these services. To learn more about how we can help you request a proposal, or for complete brand management services, consider becoming one of our partners.

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20 Keyword Focused Sales
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$ 749 + 20 x Product Price *


30 Keyword Focused Sales
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$ 1099 + 30 x Product Price *


50 Keyword Focused Sales
(Medium Competition Keyword)
$ 1549 + 50 x Product Price *


75 Keyword Focused Sales
(Medium-High Competition Keywords)
$ 1799 + 75 X Product Price *


100 Keyword Focused Sales (High Competition Keywords)
$ 2049 + 100 X Product Price *


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*As these are full priced keyword focused sales, the additional retail price of the product will be added. These will be directly returned to your brand in the form of the full priced sales, hence the only cost differential is Amazon & manufacturing.

**If we believe you’ve selected the wrong campaign or keyword we’ll contact you directly and analyse the most profitable solution for your product moving forward