Products to Sell Online: Trending eCommerce Niches in 2019 & Beyond!


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Products to Sell Online: Trending eCommerce Niches in 2019 & Beyond!

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How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online

By now, most people interested in conducting business or making money should be aware that the future is online.

Even if you’re aware of this, there’s a strong chance you’ll find yourself stuck at the planning stage.

All you want to do is sell products online and make money from it, but how do you know which products have enough demand?

How do you know which products are a waste of time before you even begin?!

The first thing you need to do is settle on your business model.

At the early stage, you will likely also be asking, “what is a good niche product to sell?”

Fear not!

We are about to take you through some of the current trending products that are showing signs of trending upwards throughout 2019.

We will also provide screenshots from Google Trends, which is a tool you should learn to use as soon as possible and one of the most reliable ways to check out what products are trending now.

Read on to learn about some of the best, most lucrative untouched niche markets you can take advantage of this year:

Trending eCommerce Niche Products

High Profit Margin Products

Before we get into the products of the moment that are booming in demand and likely to continue throughout the year, let’s look at some classic products with high margins that have been around a while.

These are likely to have a lot of existing competition, but if you can build a brand and find the right target audience, it’s still possible to make a killing from a relatively small initial investment:

Homemade Jewellery

From earrings to necklaces, watches and more, jewellery is a product trend that never ends and by its very nature demands a higher cost than the sum of its parts.

If you can get some experience making jewellery at home, and build a trustworthy brand that appeals to a specific target audience, you can make a lot of revenue selling jewellery online.

homemade jewellery

Beauty Products

The amount of money people are willing to pay for beauty products is insane.

Think about a little jar of foundation or a pallet of eye shadow and what they actually contain, now consider the retail prices of such things.

They can be made at home at an incredibly low cost, and the profit margin gets even higher the higher volumes you make.

With such high competition, you aren’t going to make a beauty product empire any time soon.

sell makeup online

But, with such low costs, you might not need to! Create a great brand with some truly different products, price them in “impulse buy territory” and the orders will come.


Clothing is another one that can be manufactured incredibly cheaply but sold at a decent profit. Setting up an online clothes store also gives you a lot of freedom to branch out.

From hoodies to scarves, backpacks, underwear, suits, workwear and more, there is a whole host of high margin ideas here.

To differentiate yourself you will need to spend a lot of time building a great range of products that complement each other.

sell printed clothing online

Print on Demand (POD) is another option that allows you to dropship clothes directly from a supplier who is also able to print custom designs onto the clothes, allowing your customers to create their own styles or work clothes.

I’m sure I don’t need to mention the benefits of personalised marketing if you’ve been following our blog so far, but custom printed items are one of the easiest products to market effectively using personalised marketing.

POD clothing are trending dropshipping products because they allow you to offer unique and different products to your competition, something that is rarely possible in the dropshipping realm.

Children’s Toys

There are a lot of great wholesale toys suppliers out there, and you can even make homemade children’s toys that look great and make kids happy for a very low price.

sell homemade toys

You can also branch this out into niches such as drones and drone equipment, tabletop games, dollhouses, or any other niche you feel may be being underserved.

Homemade kids’ toys are consistently some of the best selling homemade products and often have a personal and unique aspect that means they can fetch a higher price than regular mass-produced toys.

What Products Are in High Demand Right Now?

Ok, so there we have a few great ideas for timeless products with high-profit margins.

But these items have been around for a while and likely have a lot of companies already trying to muscle in on them.

What about some new, emerging products that are trending upwards and likely to continue gaining demand throughout and beyond this year?

What are the untouched niche markets you should be jumping on now to get ahead of the game?

Let’s take a look:

Health Products like Matcha Powder or Vegan Protein Powder

No matter what country you’re in or what year it is, health products are always going to have good demand and are regularly among the most searched products on Google.

Matcha tea has been popular in Japan for as long as anyone can remember, but it is very recently catching on in the West as one of the biggest trending niches in 2019.

matcha tea powder

You might not realise that matcha tea actually originates from the same plant as green tea, but hasn’t been processed as much, meaning it is the more raw and healthy form of the plant.

vegan protein powder

Matcha teas popularity is reliably increasing over time and shows no signs of stopping, so now is a good time to jump aboard!

Vegan protein powder is similarly consistently popular as you can see from the above graph, with veganism as a whole growing in popularity and new vegans looking for ways to change their diet without losing muscle mass or nutrients.

Vape Mods/E-Cigarettes

Vaping is a huge source of trending items, almost to the point of comedy at this stage.

It’s something people were joking about “hipsters” loving a few years ago, arguing that it would never catch on in the mainstream and now it seems like more of our friends vape than smoke cigarettes!

vape mods and ecigarettes

The DIY and customisation aspect also gives it a strong sense of community and drives people to search a lot of technical long-tail questions, which can make it relatively easy to build a niche vaping blog.

Online Food Delivery

Online food delivery is hugely growing in popularity, but we aren’t necessarily talking about the regular Indian and Chinese takeaways you might be thinking of.

Convenience still sells, but people are crying out for a convenient way to eat healthily.

Companies like Blue Apron are already making a killing delivering fresh ingredient packs, allowing customers to cook meals at home.

healthy food delivery

There has also been an increase in local butchers, cafes and similar businesses selling healthy pre-prepared meals online, allowing gym goers to more easily fit several smaller, more healthy meals into each day without sacrificing work or workout time.

We have mentioned many times on this blog that any trending niche that Amazon is investing in is probably worth looking into, and this is no different.

healthy food delivery

If you can find a new and unique way to deliver healthy food online in a way that is convenient and makes cooking or eating healthy easier for your customers, you are onto a winner.

Cellulite Removal Products

In a similar manner, people are always looking for easier and more effective ways to remove cellulite.

A recent product that has taken off in popularity is the anti-cellulite massager.

anti cellulite massager

Even anti-cellulite creams are a high margin product that is in demand at the moment.

anti cellulite

If you have the email addresses for people who are interested in anti-cellulite cream, anti-cellulite-massagers could be an easy upsell!

Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are something that you may think you have no interest in until suddenly you need them.

You could be on holiday, lounging around the pool and suddenly realise you don’t have a soundtrack.

You could even be getting ready for work in the morning and realise how much more enjoyable your morning routine would be with a little more dancing.

Regardless, the Bluetooth speaker market is growing every single year and people are looking for more advanced and more unique offerings as they get tired of their old ones breaking down or not having the best sound quality.

Searches for “Bluetooth speakers” also jump by 300% every Christmas period, something you would be smart to take advantage of.

If you can jump on this train now with something truly new and unique, the sky is the limit!

bluetooth speakers

Drones & Accessories

Drones are all over the place already, but with stories like the Gatwick saga and companies like Amazon investing in them, they are only going to get more commonplace.

Not only that, but there is a whole range of nerdy information and technical specifications around drones that make it pretty easy to build a niche blog.

drone niche website

There is also a brilliantly broad range of products, from £20 toys to £1500 professional drones, replacement parts, build your own drone kits and anywhere in between, giving you plenty of opportunity for upsells and cross-sells.

drones near me

Ignoring the annual festive boosts, this graph of searches for “drones near me” in the last five years should make the steady increase of interest self-evident.

Reusable Food Wraps

As people become more and more environmentally conscious every day, you can expect things like this to continue growing in popularity.

abeego beeswax wrap

Not only do they have a beneficial impact on waste, removing the need for clingfilm and wasteful plastic wrapping, but they can also come in a variety of designs to appeal to the customer and make them a normal part of their food routine.

reusable food wraps

Companies like Abeego are already doing great here, but with demand increasing consistently, there is still space for more competitors.

Craft Drinks

Homebrewed beers, ciders, and other alcoholic drinks are growing in popularity online as people increasingly branch out and investigate new options that aren’t necessarily available in their local supermarkets.

craft beers

Running a niche online drinks store allows you to connect with local brewers or even brew your own products, making it relatively easy to have a differentiated offering.

The graph below shows a slow but undeniable increase in interest and one that is sure to continue for the time being.

craft beers

Of course, if you’re especially creative you can investigate this niche without the use of alcohol, creating craft soft drinks and new flavours like brands such as Kolibri have been doing – the health trend suggests an increasing number of people looking to quit alcohol too, and they will be looking for alternatives!


Shapewear is a shaping and tightening form of underwear that is used to give the body a more flattering shape. It is a corner of the women’s clothing industry that is growing rapidly and you will want to be on the bandwagon early to take advantage of it.


A huge benefit of this niche is the sheer quantity of influencers and bloggers you will have access to.

There are already companies doing very well in this arena, but in comparison to sectors like makeup or lingerie, it is still relatively low competition.


This combined with the search traffic trending upwards means these items are going to be more and more lucrative in the coming years!

Natural, Quality Pet Food

Pet owners are getting more and more worried about the contents of the bog standard dried pet food bags you get from your local corner shop.

High quality, homemade food for cats and dogs is rapidly growing in popularity as customers look for new ways to take the utmost care of their furry friends.

homemade cat food

If you can get somebody experienced to supply you, that’s one thing.

If you can make it yourself at home, you can save even more, making it a surprisingly high-quality product that discerning pet owners will love, along with a profit margin you’ll be a fan of yourself!

homemade dog food
While this graph might not have the explosive increases some of the other ones in this article do, please bear in mind that these statistics are taken over the past five years, so this steady increase likely isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Cosmetic Products with No Animal Testing

If you’ve learnt one thing from this whole guide, it’s that the vegan section of society is growing rapidly and as a result, is directly affecting our buying habits.

If there is one thing you take from this guide, it should be to be aware of the “ethical products” market and how to make products that are attractive to them.

It’s not just about food any more, as people are making a point to look for beauty products and makeup that haven’t been tested on animals.

cruelty free

If you want to stand out even further in this field, you can focus on this point a lot by talking about how everything you do is focused around the environment – not only do you not test on animals, but all your packaging is recycled, all your ingredients are natural and ethically farmed, etc!

Just make sure it’s true first!

cruelty free make up

That covers a lot of the best products to sell online in 2019, but hopefully, you’ve picked up some great ideas for untouched niche markets for the foreseeable future!

Our guide to eCommerce trends in 2019 is another great guide to help you get your head around the changes coming to online selling this year, so we recommend checking it out now if you have the time.

You should also keep your eye on AmazonSEOConsultant or sign up for our free updates now for valuable and actionable eCommerce tips on a regular basis.

If you’ve decided on a product but want our help boosting your sales, contact us for a free, personalised proposal on how we could help grow your business.

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Take a look at our case studies to see some of the incredible results we’ve achieved for our previous customers.

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